I stuck to MAC Matchmaster foundation for years until earlier this year when I switched it to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua. I loved MAC because it was so easily ‘buildable’ on problematic parts (I had a typical teenager’s skin) and it didn’t look cakey, dry nor oily on parts such as the area around my nose. I switched to Chanel though because I wanted to try it’s foundations and I’m very pleased with Vitalumiere Aqua because you don’t feel it on your skin, it’s super light and well, ‘aqua’, but still nicely matte while remaining nourishing. My favourite way to apply it is mixed with a little bit of Chanel Mat Lumiere (about 1/4 of the mixture, as it is quite heavy). Vitalumiere Aqua is also great under mineral foundation. My goal though is to find an organic alternative.

A white T-shirt will never go out of style. It comes in so many different versions, yet none of them is ever particularly in or out. A white tee is, as Ivania Carpio put it, "a garment that is not connected to social class or culture yet is always appropriate. A blank canvas, a clean slate. The only true timeless piece; you can not tell if it is vintage 1980 or next season’s collection. I love it for its blandness and anonymity, its agelessness and sexlessness."
Quintessential, eternal, liberating.
My current pick though? The one in the black and white photo above, with it's slightly longer but slim sleeves. And to talk about the photography above; I am in love with this kind of simplicity in photographs and I aim to translate this vibe into everyday life especially when it comes to getting dressed. I am not sure if that's the case here, but it seems so spontaneous and effortless. In my eyes it's that what gives it this sophisticated appeal and beauty. Casual sophistication.

I loved this editorial for Russian Vogue, September issue.
Knitwear is (in case you've been living under a rock!) the new big thing and how could it not, considering it being very appropriate weather-wise for fall and winter, comfy and it looks good. Proved below.
Ophelie Guillermand modelled - watch her as she conquers the world, photography by Jason Kibbler and styling by the editor herself, Olga Dunina.
 Seriously, how good is the all-camel look?

See the rest of the editorial below.

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I ordered my pair of Sandali sandals in the beginning of July (I was going back and forth for a month; trying to pick a model) and the package arrived less than two weeks after. I wasn't disappointed when I opened the parcel, beautifully crafted pair of leather slide sandals awaited and they look so good paired with basically anything!

Highly recommended!

My apologies for my unnanounced absence these past few weeks. I took a break from my computer (as much as possible) and was at the seaside as much as I could.
Summer in Slovenia has been horrible though, to say the least. Rainy, cold weather replaced the usual hot, steamy, sunny days. We have literally had less than a week of sunny days, combined. So theoretically (and only theoretically) it's still summer, but I already can't wait for summer 2015. Or winter, if I get the chance to escape to somewhere hot again.

The photo above is from Hvar. I'll try to post some more photos from my sailing around Dalmatian islands in Croatia soon too.

Seems like the days of searching and searching and searching for a white leather jacket are over. And black too, for that matter. Is it just me or are 99% of leather jackets out there cropped and too tight? And going a size up does not work. Incredibly disfuntcional for wearing over anything other than t-shirts and dresses; useless in the cold fall and spring we have in Slovenia. This is precisely why I am so incredibly happy to have found this boxy, bulky, neoprene leather jacket on Nelly.com. And on sale, too! I just ordered one in black and one in white and promise to post photos of them on as soon as possible.

Find the leather jacket here (black) and here (white).

Back with my Couture favourites! I am not necessarily very into long, laced, bedazzled gowns, but I still find some pieces I like from the couture collections - as not all of them are, in fact, lace, bedazzled, and overall over the top. Though I must say I was especially taken away by Viktor & Rolf, who decided not only to show the looks for the red carpet, but to make them out of it as well. The result is very interesting, almost like a parody in the best sense.

See my selection below.

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