In my opinion, a handbag can either make or break any outfit. 
You can wear the coolest clothes, but if the bag looks wrong, the whole outfit instantly looks off. To me, the right bag means you can be wearing the most simple, dare I say boring outfit and the bag will just take it to the next level and make it look like something seen in a Tommy-Ton photo. I love how a good handbag can last years and never fails to give you that extra something and most importantly confidence.
In fact, with the right bag or shoes, the best looking outfits usually are the ones with just basic pieces such as a good t-shirt and jeans or a plain simple dress.
The most versatile pick would in my opinion be a black leather bag. And with gold details it's a classic!

1. Balenciaga 'Le Dix'  5. Gucci 'Bamboo'  6. Mulberry 'Bayswater'  3. Balenciaga 'City' /Resort 2014 edition 1. Celine 'Edge' 4. Fendi '2Jour' 

*Photo by Tommy Ton/

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