Last April after reading about it in Vogue I googled this new e-commerce site called Vestiaire Collective. It's a new site where anyone can buy and/or sell used or new items they no longer wear or need. It works like this; you list an item and after selling it you ship it to VC, they check it's authenticity and wether it is as described on the site and then deliver it to the buyer. Simple and verified!

First thing I saw were these lovely Chanel espadrilles I've been craving. Then I started searching for all these amazing items I wanted or needed and found so many I didn't even know I did! I joined it in April and my wishlist has now grown quite unmanagable! I found this lovely Gucci wallet from the Tom Ford era, an LV clutch, vintage Chanel sunglasses and so on and so on!
Last month after cleaning my closet I also found so many shoes I barely ever or never wore and decided to start selling as well. I now have 5 items listed and have many more to come, as I found the process so easy and buyer/seller friendly. Even after having a few complications with filling out my billing details and stuff, I found their costumer service so good, they replied really quickly and my problem was fixed in a matter of minutes. Seriously one of the best services. I have yet to find out how the whole process looks like after in fact selling an item, but for now it really looks super!

Here's what's on top of my wishlist!

Photo on top by glitzngrime

Any kind of feedback is appreciated