I went to weekend last Venice and had the best time. It's been around 8 years since I've last been there and it seemed like a different place. The weather was lovely and warm, even in the evening. And during the day it was also foggy but the sun was still able to shine through and it was so beautiful, it made me fall in love with Venice even more. 
If you're planning on visiting Venice I suggest you leave the car in Mestre and go to Venice by bus or train as the wait for parking garages is always really long and quite expensive at 12eur for 4 hours. Also when deciding on where to eat, check the menus in front of the restaurant, ask if service is included and avoid the restaurants by the main square. A few steps away behind the first corner you'll usually find the same tasty food, but for a better price. Same goes for buying souvenirs. That and always negotiate when it comes to buying souvenirs as the price indicated on the products can be up to 50% or even 70% higher than the price the seller's willing to go for.
I'll let the photos talk now.

I was wearing:
Balenciaga Giant Part Time bag
Zara Teal Pants
Zara Cocoon-sleeve sweater

Any kind of feedback is appreciated