So many thoughts are running through my head as I am getting ready to celebrate the New Year. 
2013 was good, but 2014 has to be great. The time for me to make some important decisions is approaching at such high speed it frightens me. I will finish high school in May and then, well, then who knows. Luckily I have already figured out what I wanna do, just the way to achieve that is to be figured out.
But let's focus on the near future.
In 3 weeks I'll be on my way to the tropical paradise of Bali which is currently what I am MOST excited about and on top of that I have 4 whole months of summer vacation this year, from June to September.

Second of all I would really like to thank everyone who made 2013 as special as it was, with my 18th birthday on top.

Hey 2014!

P.S. I accidentaly showered my computer yesterday and it's not looking good, therefore I'll probably be posting less in the coming weeks.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated