When it comes to NY resolutions,I have never been a big fan. Why wait 365 days to make a change?
Last year I started anti-impulse buying (I highly doubt thats an actual term, but lets call it that).
While I previously bought about 20 pieces in one shopping spree (during winter and summer sales usually), I now buy one, two, rarely three carefully picked pieces.
I started doing to-buy lists of things I noticed were missing from my wardrobe, pieces that would fill that missing spot when getting dressed in the morning as opposed to pieces I found nice while browsing through the rack. Those are usually the ones I end up buying only to find out later when I come home that I have nothing to pair them with and getting bored with them in a short while... (continue reading for the rest of the post)
Now the pieces that go on my to-buy list are usually ones I already have at least 5 different ways to wear it in my mind already. Then often times I have it written on the list for a couple of months before going forward and buying it and sometimes I even go to the store and try it on (several times), take photos of it on then analysing it at home to see if it looks good on, what I would wear it with, what different ways I could style it etc. etc. I believe I am the weirdest person when it comes to shopping habits! But I could not be happier with the results. I love having less pieces that complement each other, while I used to have a huge wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear.
I have Ivania Carpio to thank for that. Her and my lack of funds last year because of my trip to Africa, which made me attentive of what every euro is spent on.

It is the best advice I could give you.
It is not only good for your wardrobe/style and wallet, that way you are also fighting fast fashion which hurts the fashion industry, supports pollution and often violates human rights during the production.

On that note, my resolution if I had to pick one would be continue buying with your head, keep throwing things away (it is quite liberating), become more aware of the world around you. Whether it be clothing, food or else.

Photo courtesy of KowTow clothing

Any kind of feedback is appreciated