If you're living under a rock, then you may not know there is this super cool  retail site The Line, created by one of the most stylish women, Vanessa Traina. It is something else, different from all the other online stores and a part of the store is an apartment, the apartment, where their items are showcased. 
Basically every single thing I find on there ends up on my dream wishlist as all of the items are unique and different to anything you've seen before. One designer though stands out.
Andrianna Shamaris creates these amazing objects made of out eco-friendly materials such as teak and resin, which she imports from Southeast Asia. My absolute favorite is the St. Barts cube. It is so lovely on it's own, but could also double as a bedside table or just a place to put some cadles, random jewelry or a book on. Or you could put the cube itself on another piece of furniture.
Now if only I won the lottery.

Read full post to see some of her creations.

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