I am still sitting here on my sisters computer since my laptop has been officially pronounced dead after the incident with a glass of water(!).
Trying to figure out what to do now as 99% of all the projects I do require a working computer, plus I still need to plan so much of our trip to Indonesia. On top of that my sisters computer, which I am now borrowing for planning and school stuff, is 10+ years old and slow as hell so its a pain in the ass trying to get things done.

So, since it is only 12 days to go(!), I started thinking about what and how am I going to pack for three weeks. I want to pack as little as possible, so I created this list of my spring / summer essentials.

See it below.

BOYFRIEND JEANS to wear with camisole and heels in the evening and flats with tees during the day.
CAMISOLE for updating simple jeans to pairing it with a pencil skirt
BIRKENSTOCK sandals or similar (here Zara) to wear with anything
PLAID SCARF to wear as a turban, around your neck in one of the thousand ways possible or around the handle of your bag
PLUM LIPSTICK because it goes with anything and is the best accessory one could ever wear
ADIDAS sandals for around the pool or on the beach (as they are not made of leather)

Any kind of feedback is appreciated