I can't tell you how much I've missed obsessively going through my list of sites, blogs, discussions I follow and most importantly then sharing my thoughts and inspiration here on the blog this past month. Transiting from a tropical place to this winter madness and from having your brain on off back to everyday's errands,worries etc is hard enough on it's own, unfortunately it was even harder for us as we lost a very close friend a day after coming back, meaning our days back home are anything but back to normal, so I'm still struggling to adjust. This also being the reason behind my absence.

On another note, this fashion week season I decided to take a different path, I will gather all my favorite looks and share them with you on here in an extended post after PFW ends as opposed to sharing my favorites for each brand seperately. I will however keep on posting my favorite street style and backstage photos as well as inspiration posts as always, so - stay tuned!

Photo from my trip to Bali : Seminyak beach.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated