I am so weirdly obsessed with this photo. It's probably one of my favorites from Bali. I don't care that my bright pink bikini top is visible nor that there is a little sneak peek of my friend's purse visible along the right border. It takes me right back to this beautiful day in Ubud when we walked down a secluded path to reach the Ubud market. Serenity. Jungle on both sides of the path, really high grass and little colorful offerings along the path.

I am wearing my favorite piece I bought there, this amazing gold embroidered batik sarong (I wish you could see how pretty the metallic material is) around my waist as a skirt just the way balinese men wear it. I think I'll be wearing a lot of sarong-skirts this summer.
And the brass bracelet is another one of my favorite pieces, a souvenir from South Africa.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated