Here are (some of) my photos from our trip to Indonesia. Mostly Bali, but we also briefly visited Lombok and spent a few days on the Gili Islands - the Gili Meno. Better late than never, no?
I had a hard time going through all of my photos as they hold so many memories, if only one could teleport oneself back to the begining of this unforgettable trip! One of the things I loved most was that locals there are such warm, friendly people, always greeting you with the biggest smile this island is so well known for. Balinese are hindu and very religious, - you'll stumble upon their offerings practically everywhere. Rice terraces - another thing Bali is famous for, are basically everywhere. And in the most radiant green I've ever laid my eyes on. Even in the city, you'll often see a peak behind the houses where a rice terrace could be spotted. Another thing is food, oh the food in Indonesia is the best you've ever had. I especially, being an asian food-lover, was in heaven there. And the best thing is everything is so cheap! The luxury high-end restaurants there are still cheaper than the most average restaurant in Europe.

First eight nights of our trip we stayed at the most beautiful villa, Villa Aquabella which is a part of the Uma Villas in Umalas, a very short (and cheap) taxi ride from the main streets of Seminyak. Then we moved to Ubud, which I read everywhere was a favorite among returning tourists. Honestly though, we preferred Seminyak as Ubud turned out to be too touristey as opposed to what it's supposed to be - the cultural center of Bali, where one is able to experience the real Bali. We however saw less locals there than anywhere else. In Ubud our home was at the Bali Bliss Resort and Spa where they have the infinity pool with a surreal valley jungle view. Also one of the best breakfasts we had in Indonesia (it is however a very tough competition). Then we flew over to Lombok and jumped on a boat to Gili Meno where we experienced the authentic island life, staying in a beachfront bamboo bungalow of The Sunset Gecko where fresh water is a luxury and mosquito net an absolute must, not only for the mosquitos but also for all the bugs and other flying and crawling little things. This was probably my favorite accommodation though, you feel like Robinson Crusoe when you wake up and you're able to hear the waves from the comfort of your bed and then walk not much more than 10 seconds around the corner to the restaurant of The Sunset Gecko where they serve the world's most delicious pineapple juice and banana coconut pancakes, - not to mention all the yummy dishes we tried for lunch and dinner. If you walk on the beach it will take you a little more than an hours walk around the whole island. The water is crystal clear in the most beautiful aqua blue color and the corals are like something out of this world. The fish you get to see when snorkelling there will probably look familiar as they're just like the ones you get to see in pet store aquariums. Last four days our home was in Villa Ayu, somewhere between Kuta and Seminyak, a super modern villa designed and owned by an italian architect living in Bali.

I could go on forever to tell you about all the things we experienced, but my writing doesn't do this trip no justice. Please do take a look at the photos though and I don't want to repeat myself but seriously, if you can please do visit this beautiful place and experience it for yourself.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated