I used to have so many things a few years back, tens and tens of shoes, wardrobe full of clothes - I literally wore a different outfit each day. I kept buying low quality clothes and many many of them all the time, cause I got tired of the ones I already owned so easily. I kept replacing my clothing constantly - with prices as low as they are in Zara and H&M, that was possible with my pocket money. Now I realise how irresponsible and unhealthy this is and I feel guilty to have supported this mass consumption. Over the last couple of years though I have gradually made the decision to put more thought into what I'm spending my money on and whether the item I'm buying will be compatible with most of my other things, so it will really be worth the money I'm spending and if I even really need that item. I noticed how fast I got bored with all the "on trend" items fast-fashion stores are full of and my wardrobe used to be as well, and how on the other hand I'm more attracted to more simple, multifunctional and basic pieces. I am still struggling to identify my style completely though, which is a problem because knowing your what your style is is crucial if you want to make sure you'll still like the item you're buying season after season.
Eliminate impulse buying. Follow your style, not trends. Trends should compliment your style and not the other way around. Putting more thought into what you're buying when you're shopping means having to put less thought into what you'll be wearing every morning. I used to stare at my closet packed with tens and tens of clothes, yet still struggle to find something to wear, whereas I now have a lot less clothing yet so much more to wear.

Certainly though, it is not all about saving money, or about making it easier for us to get dressed. Mass consumption has a huge impact on our environment and society. Think about not only what your clothes are made of, but also how they're made and who makes them.
It is time for us to take responsibility as we, the consumers, are the ones who can make a change.

I decided my blog was missing posts where I share my opinion on different subjects, what I feel very strongly about. So here for you my first DISCUSSION.
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