So on that note, today is Fashion Revolution Day / the anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh tragedy and in honour of it, the style director of the Telegraph Magazine and a board member of Fashion Revolution Day, Tamsin Blanchard, wrote a brilliant article for BoF to challenge you, us, the consumers to take action against mindless fashion consumption.
She has a lot of good points and the article is definitely worth reading. Tamsin says "We have become far too used to paying far too little for our clothes. Eleven-year-olds can now afford to buy a pair of jeans with their pocket money. And so too can salary-earning grown-ups who should know better."

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Can you agree? She then goes on to say "But who can blame us? Just as we are seduced into buying one and getting one free at the supermarket, if only for that extra bag of apples to end up shrivelled up at the bottom of the fruit bowl, the lure of cheap, up-to-the-minute clothes is a strong one. But just as we don’t need the extra bag of apples, we really don’t need — or often actually really want — the majority of clothes we buy. But because they are so cheap, we chuck them into the shopping basket feeling as though we’ve snagged ourselves a bargain, oblivious to the fact that this mindless consumption is giving retailers and high street chains carte blanche to continue putting in orders to their suppliers that are impossible to achieve without inhumane amounts of overtime in return for $68 per month." All too relevant.

So, I am wearing my organic cotton shirt inside out today, are you?

Read Tamsin's full article for BoF here.

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