Hola amigos! It's been a busy week to say the least. I was occupied with preparations for prom, my research papers for Art history and Psychology which are a part of my final exams grade and I was also in charge to film and edit our class video presentation. I must say though in a way I'm actually enjoying it because it makes me feel really productive!
I'm still waiting for official photos from my prom (I forgot to take photos and I couldn't regret it more), so I can maybe show you what I was wearing.

Anyway, spring has sprung in Slovenia and it is so beautiful and the temperature is just perfect. Sadly the most perfect weather is always the one that lasts the shortest, two weeks in fall, two weeks in spring - I am talking about a couple of degrees high or low of 20C and sunny weather -  perfecto!

Photo from my instagram.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated