Sandali is an Israel-based brand offering handmade leather sandals and other leather accessories.
They are very friendly to the environment and only use sustainable products. All their products are made of Italian thick cow leather, which is natural and is only varnished with a special varnish that protects the leather. No dye, no artificial substances and even the soles are made from pressed rubber, which is basically recycled rubber. The prices are very affordable and most of the models are unisex and handmade on request. They even try to limit the amount of shipping they do per week, they buy second-hand or recycled shoe boxes and always try to use high quality materials with the least amount of environmental impact. Now if only more brands joined them in maintaining the sustainability and work alongside mother nature.
I will certainly be ordering a pair and not only to support, but also because their sandals are so damn cool! I have been trying to pick a pair to order, but the decision is quite tough.

P.S. I found them via Kaitlyn from Modernlegacy, so click here to see them worn.

Below (and above) are my picks.
Click on each photo to go to it's product page.


  1. How great, I want a pair for myself now. Great post, thank you

  2. I own a pair of Sandali and I am very happy with them!