Been a big fan of white/bleached everything for a while now and I've been unsuccessfully searching for a white mascara. Last november though, when I was in Florence, I stumbled upon an electric blue and white eyeliner in the 1EUR shop and thought why not. It is an inexpensive way to try out if you like it, before you spend money on the real deal.
So, yesterday when I had a little spare time in the morning I wanted to try and fake a bleached eyelashes look by applying concealer on them and then putting a thick layer of white eyeshadow over. It looked like I had no eyelashes at all and it looked good! But I went further and experimented with the liquid white eyeliner and just blotted my eyelashes with it.
The result is seen in the photo above - I quite like it if I may say so myself!

Any kind of feedback is appreciated