The number of online stores is growing by the minute, resulting in ads bombarding us on every cyber step. Open a website and you shall see Special price! Buy here! Must have! ... screaming at your face. Open your mailbox and you shall have numerous newsletters from numerous online stores. But it's not just individual products being thrown at our faces, there are so many luxury labels that bombard us with their campaigns one way or another; it's rarely a coincidence when all the biggest bloggers have that same branded bag all of a sudden. That is precisely why online stores such as NOTJUSTALABEL attract me more and more. It's refreshing to find a website featuring and "supporting the pioneers of contemporary fashion".
Products featured on it are incredibly creative. My number 1 pick would though be this triangle leather bag, because where else have you seen anything like it? It's unique, yet simple and I can easily imagine it as my new everyday bag. 

Any kind of feedback is appreciated