After my last discussion I decided to talk about my definition of minimalism in fashion and style.
I have a classmate, she has an amazing style. She gets a lot of stares for it, but I admire her even more because of that, as she does not give a damn - one of the things I am yet to master.
She likes things that are colourful. Brocade, jacquard, polka dots or abstract prints is what her outfits and closet is full of. She says she only rarely buys something new and her closet is not very big and yet one could never tell, because despite having less to work with, she's so good at styling her pieces and combining prints that I couldn't say I ever see her wearing the same outfit twice. But what makes her style so incredible, is the quality of her pieces. She appreciates good tailoring, good quality in prints and fabrics, and it shows, even through all those colours and prints.  She doesn't follow trends; she has a very individual style and she rocks it. That is what I find incredibly inspirational. So what I am trying to say here is, in my opinion, there more sides to minimalism than we ought to see. I used to think being a minimalist meant only wearing black, white and all the shades of grey in between, but there is so much more to it. Yes in the most obvious sense of the word minimalism is black and white, very clear and plain. 
Another side to minimalism, in my opinion the most important side which most certainly goes beyond fashion, is the "rule" of having less, having the very essential things and working with those, putting thought into what you're buying and not having the need to constantly replace them with new. It means having your own style and incorporating trends only to compliment style. It's an attitude.

Photo via my tumblr.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated