Having seen so many clothing rack DIYs on my favorite blogs it was only a matter of time until I tried and made one myself. I needed a place to display my clothing, plus a nice clothing rail is great as decoration. I was mostly inspired by Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics, like so many times before and here is the original DIY which I did my own way using copper tubes and adjusting the length of the separate pipes. I love the look of copper, plus it's really easy to work with because it's soft enough to cut through relatively easily, yet it's tough enough to hold the weight of my clothes. However it depends on the length of the tube whether it will bend or not, but my dad gave me a great idea to stick an iron pipe of a smaller diameter inside the copper tube to prevent it from bending. 
Although I did primarily had a plan to put a chair in that corner but figured I probably wouldn't even use it, so putting a clothing rack there seemed like a good idea as it looks really good and is functional at the same time. I use one part of the rack for white clothing and the opposite side for my black clothing. I am placing a big plant on the right side by the mirror soon, too.

See the result below.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated