I stuck to MAC Matchmaster foundation for years until earlier this year when I switched it to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua. I loved MAC because it was so easily ‘buildable’ on problematic parts (I had a typical teenager’s skin) and it didn’t look cakey, dry nor oily on parts such as the area around my nose. I switched to Chanel though because I wanted to try it’s foundations and I’m very pleased with Vitalumiere Aqua because you don’t feel it on your skin, it’s super light and well, ‘aqua’, but still nicely matte while remaining nourishing. My favourite way to apply it is mixed with a little bit of Chanel Mat Lumiere (about 1/4 of the mixture, as it is quite heavy). Vitalumiere Aqua is also great under mineral foundation. My goal though is to find an organic alternative.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated